2/9/2019 Breaking News: It's Official - Brockhouse is Running !

Sculley gets "C" -
Financial decisions have left SA with a $1.4 billion shortfall - $3,200 burden per taxpayer.
Click for SA Report - Full Report
Bottom Line - Erik Walsh left with Sculley DEBT MESS !

Breaking News:  01/31/2019 SA firefighter union ready to come back to negotiating table

01/28/2019 Brockhouse brokers deal to get Firefighters to Bargaining Table

BREAKING NEWS: Nirenberg fights Firefighter !

Nirenberg used personnel file slipped to

Robert Rivard, former editor of Express-News, for "hit" piece

to justify attack.

The Rivard Report, local 501(C)3 online 'newsletter' that caters to the

Powers that Be

released information from the file - as an Exclusive ..

Chris Steele - San Antonian of the Year !

Get Informed ..
follow these links :
   Approved By Citizens Website
   Email Firefighters Volunteer
Contributors to Hartman PAC that OPPOSED Charter Improvements

[ Total over $ 2.095 MILLION .. as of 8 Day Before Election Report ]

303,000.00 USAA
300,000.00 Valero Services, Inc
150,000.00 Gordon Hartman [Gordon] Hartman Foundation Executive Director
120,000.00 Frost Bank
100,000.00 Kit Goldsbury Silver Ventures Executive
100,000.00 Graham Weston Weston Ventures President
50,000.00 Weston, Graham
50,000.00 Zachry Corporation
40,000.00 William Greehey NuStar Energy Chairman
40,000.00 NuStar Logistics
40,000.00 San Antonio Chamber of Commerce
25,000.00 Heriberto Guerra Jr Avanzar CEO
25,000.00 Bank of San Antonio
25,000.00 Bill Miller BBQ Enterprises LTD
25,000.00 Ernst & Young
25,000.00 Hasslocher Enterprises Inc
25,000.00 Rad Weaver McCombs Enterprises Executive
25,000.00 Norton Rose Fulbright LLP
25,000.00 Pape Dawson Engineers
25,000.00 SABOR - San Antonio Board of Realtors
25,000.00 Tres Aguilas Management LLC
25,000.00 John Zachry Zachry Holding, Inc CEO
25,000.00 Zachry Industrial Inc
20,000.00 Broadway National Bank
20,000.00 Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson LLP
20,000.00 Michael Lynd Kairol CEO
20,000.00 Nustar PAC
15,000.00 Frontier Enterprises Inc
15,000.00 L. Lowry Mays Retired Retired
10,000.00 Alterman Inc,
10,000.00 Charles Cheever Broadway Bank Chairman Emeritus
10,000.00 Ecro LTD Ecro LTD
10,000.00 Emmett C Wells, Jr. Family Properties LTD
10,000.00 Gray Street Management LLC
10,000.00 GSABA - Greater SA Builders Association
10,000.00 IBC Bank
10,000.00 Danny Butler Jefferson Bank CEO
10,000.00 MTC [Mi Tierra Cafe] Inc
10,000.00 Muy Hamburger Partners LLC
10,000.00 Muy Pizza Tejas LLC
10,000.00 William Klesse Retired Retired
10,000.00 Richard Evans Jr Retired Retired
10,000.00 San Antonio Apartment Association
10,000.00 San Antonio Chamber of Commerce
10,000.00 Texas Capital Bank
10,000.00 Johnny Hernandez True Flavors Owner
10,000.00 Yantis Company
10,000.00 Bartlett Cocke
9,000.00 Raba Kistner
5,000.00 281 Oak Partners LTD
5,000.00 Mark Watson, Jr Argo CEO
5,000.00 Beldon Roofing & Remodeling Co.
5,000.00 Bracewell PAC
5,000.00 Brown & Ortiz PC
5,000.00 Camacho Hernandez & Associates LLC
5,000.00 Civil Engineering Consultants
5,000.00 JTM Consulting LLC
5,000.00 Kaufman & Killen Inc
5,000.00 KFW Engineers, LLC
5,000.00 LNV Inc
5,000.00 BJ McCombs McCombs Enterprises Owner
5,000.00 RESCA - Real Estate Council of SA
5,000.00 Edward Jr. Whitacre Retired Retired
5,000.00 Lynn Merritt Retired Retired
5,000.00 Security Service Federal Credit Union PAC
5,000.00 Southwest Business Corporation
5,000.00 Zachry Corporation
4,000.00 Structural Engineering Associates Inc
2,500.00 ACEC Texas
2,500.00 Alcide Briones AMC Properties Real Estate Developer
2,500.00 J. Bruce Bugg Bank of San Antonio Executive
2,500.00 Brad Beldon Beldon Roofing CEO
2,500.00 Jaime Goudge Broadway Bank CEO
2,500.00 Comerica PAC
2,500.00 HDR Inc
2,500.00 IDCUS
2,500.00 Fernando Camarillo Poznecki Camarillo Engineer
2,500.00 Steven Lee Retired Retired
2,500.00 Gregg Kowalski RK Group Executive
2,500.00 San Antonio Manufacturing Assn
2,500.00 Helen Groves Self Employed
2,500.00 Patrick Kennedy Watermark Hotel Co. Manager
2,000.00 CDS Muery
2,000.00 Cobb Fendley
2,000.00 Walter Embrey Embrey Partners Limited Real Estate Developer
2,000.00 Farm Bureau Bank
2,000.00 LAN Inc
2,000.00 Robert Luna Self Employed
1,100.00 Steve Louis Bella Vista Homes Executive
1,000.00 Arias & Associates
1,000.00 Dale Tremblay CH Guenther CEO
1,000.00 Consulting Engineers PAC
1,000.00 Dan Allen, Jr Hughe Dan A. Hughes Co. LP President
1,000.00 DOCUmation
1,000.00 Freese and Nichols
1,000.00 Frontline Support Solutions LLC
1,000.00 John Agather Juanianamos Musician
1,000.00 Lone Star Capital Bank
1,000.00 MCI
1,000.00 Tim Swan Metropolitan Contracting Construction
1,000.00 Carroll Schubert PCSI Professional Contract Services, Inc (Austin, TX) President
1,000.00 Pizarrro Allen PC, Legal Services
1,000.00 Edward Whitacre Jr Retired Retired
1,000.00 William Kanyusik Retired Retired
1,000.00 HB Zachry Retired Retired
1,000.00 Jim Reed San Antonio Medical Foundation President
1,000.00 Ricardo Perez San Antonio Chamber of Commerce CEO
1,000.00 Jenna Saucedo Herrera SAEDF - San Antonio Economic Development Foundation CEO
1,000.00 Reed Williams Self Employed Farmer
1,000.00 Michael Moore Self Employed Land Development
1,000.00 Pat Jr. Maloney Self Employed Attorney
1,000.00 Mario Barrera Self Employed
1,000.00 Nancy Kelley Self Employed
1,000.00 Mark Healy South Texas Radiology Group Physician
1,000.00 Terracon
1,000.00 Magdalena McCall University Health System Director
1,000.00 Arnold Briones Yantis Company COO
500.00 A Novel Idea LLC
500.00 Wayne Alexander AT&T Retired
500.00 Chris Cheever BNB Executive
500.00 Bounceology Inc.
500.00 Justin Allison DNT Construction Manager
500.00 Walter Embrey III Embrey Partners Limited Real Estate Developer
500.00 William Hileman Farm Bureau Bank CEO
500.00 Harry Jewett Associates
500.00 Joeris General Contractors
500.00 K Friese & Associates Inc
500.00 George Weron KFW Engineers Engineer
500.00 Blaine Lopez KFW Engineers Engineer
500.00 Billy Classen KFW Engineers Engineer
500.00 Bart Koontz Koontz Corp. CEO
500.00 William Stacy Locke Pioneer Energy CEO
500.00 Juan Antonio Flores Port San Antonio Executive
500.00 Phil Cran Providence Commercial Realtor
500.00 Edward Austin Retired Retired
500.00 Kety Flato San Antonio Book Festival Executive Director
500.00 Colleen Taylor Waguespack Self Employed
500.00 Arthur Nicholson Self Employed Attorney
500.00 John Girdley Self Employed Investor
500.00 Edward Collins Retired Retired
400.00 Karen Balcom Self Employed
300.00 Jon McDowell BKD, LLP Accountant
300.00 Civil Design Services
250.00 April Ancira Ancira Auto Group Vice President
250.00 Doug Nunnelly FA Nunnelly Co Executive
250.00 Phillip Nunnelly FA Nunnelly Co Executive
250.00 Krier Consulting Group Inc
250.00 Majestic Development Company
250.00 Charles Saxer Retired Retired
250.00 Ruben Escobedo Ruben Escobedo & Co Owner
250.00 Edward Hart Sandero Wealth Management Financial Advisor
250.00 L. Tucker Gibson Self Employed
200.00 Wade Caldwell Caldwell East Finlayson Attorney
200.00 Bette Vexler Monterrey Iron Owner
200.00 Patrick Swearingen, Jr Retired Retired
200.00 Liza Barratachea San Antonio Hotel & Lodging Assoc Exec. Director
200.00 Ann Van Pelt Self Employed
Over $ 2.095 MILLION TOTAL

SSAF PAC Report 10/27/18
SSAF PAC Report 10/10/18
SSAF PAC Report 07/15/18


George Rodriguez Raging Elephants
Interviews Chris Steele
Click for Audio - Opens New Window
OneSA PAC $740K to 'push' $ 1.31
Click here for Contributors
Sorted by $$$ amount

11/06/18 Prop B Passed by 67,278 Votes !
11/29/18  Sheryl Sculley 'Retires' !

It's OFFICIAL - Sheryl Sculley FIRED by Citizens on November 6, 2018

Will Nirenberg Bow to Her Request to Retire in June and Let Brockhouse 'Clean House' in May 2019 ?

Stanley Mitchell, 'The Numbers Guy,' addresses Council November 15, 2018 after Vote Canvassed - reminds the Mayor that he (Nirenberg) is only one of 11 councilmembers that collectively have powers to "manage" the City Manager.  Mitchell warns Mayor Nirenberg NOT to bother crafting an ordinance intended to overturn the recent Charter Amendment approved by voters, as We the People -- are 'hip' to his prior infractions, will NOT allow it and most importantly that action would be unlawful.   Click here for Stan’s Remarks    Prop B Canvassed Vote
City Manager $ 621,6762 Deputy Mgrs $ 616,6074 Assistanct Mgrs $ 1,099,516

Contracts : 2005   2007   2008   2011   2013   2016

Sheryl Sculley claims that the Charter Changes approved by the voters overwhelmingly on November 6, 2018, limiting term and salary do not apply to her.  Yes, she apparently believes the Charter applies to everyone but her.  However, both her contract and the City Charter give the 'collective' Council the power to set her pay and to terminate her.  The citizens FIRED Ms. Sculley by voting to limit her time in office. Our duly elected Council members must now find a new City Manager.
AGREEMENT - (2005 Contract)
1. General
City hereby agrees to engage Sheryl Sculley as City Manager of the City of San Antonio, Texas, to perform the functions and duties of that position as specified in the City Charter of the City of San Antonio, Article V, Section 45, which is incorporated by reference for all purposes and by applicable provisions of the City Code or ordinance, and to perform such other legally permissible and proper duties and functions as the Council shall from time to time assign. Council has appointed Sheryl Sculley as City Manager for an indefinite term and may remove her at any time subject only to applicable provisions of the City Charter and the provisions titled “Termination - Severance Pay” of this Agreement.  Nothing in this Agreement is intended, nor shall same be construed to in any way create a definite term for the Manager’s appointment as City Manager of the City or to in any way abridge or limit the right of the Council to terminate the Manager at any time at the will of the Council.

Under Construction - Please check back !


Highland Hills Meeting
Reinette King Represented SAPFFA

Reinette King shines - Mayor Disappoints!

"Reinette King is the spokeswoman for the Vote Yes campaign.  Reinette was among the core group of community stakeholders who determined the propositions.

From the start, the SAPFFA San Antonio Professional Firefighters have been forthright in saying this is not our campaign, IT IS THE PEOPLE's.

She along with many others planned to be in attendance tonight to debate the mayor on behalf of the people.

The Mayor chose to cancel the event instead of being engaged with the constituents he serves. "...

- Chris Steele

Breaking NEWS: 9/5/2018 Another Fire Union Victory - TX Supreme Court

08/30/18  4th Court of Appeals WIN for Firefighter Amendments

© Jim Forsyth iHeart Radio

08/16/18  City Atty to Mayor - Put FF Amendments on Nov. Ballot !

8/16/18 Concerned Citizens:  Let the People Vote in November [Click to Watch]


 08/15/18  Judge Sides with Firefighters Council Vote Can Proceed

08/07/18 Hartman PAC Opposing Charter Improvements Files SLAPP Suit against Firefighters !

A Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP) is a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics
by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition.   E-N Josh Baugh Report

07/19/18 Firefighters file lawsuit to protect 1st Amendment Rights
City PR Rep - KGB's Jeff Coyle responds with doublespeak about 'free speech zone policy'

07/16/18 PR Man Archer 'fans flames' - instills fear/negativity
Chris Steele cool & calm - puts the 'fire' out - saves the day !

06/22/18  Fire Union Scores Win Against City in Battle Over Evergreen Clause

Firefighters Successful - Petitions Certified
Sculley AAA DEBT Rating = Higher Debt and Lowers Financial Discipline - Vote YES to Amendments !

Chris Steele
02/20/18  Firefighters target Sculley
with petitions to revise City Charter

04/21/18 SAPFFA President, Chris Steele
speaks at HTA of Bexar County
about Charter Amendments

Certified Count of Petition Signatures

Directory of Revelations

Click to Open
DateBureaucracyIssueProgress Made
12/12/17SAWS SAWS & city staff financial manipulation accompanying SAWS 2-year rate increase – E-N article 12⁄7⁄17. 3/7/18 - CEO Puente declined $ 96,700 bonus offered by SAWS Board
12/18/17SAWS SAWS' violation of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act and 10 yr delay to respond to an EPA Consent Decree resulting in $ 2.6 million civil penalty on Puente/Gorzell/Sculley watch
12/20/17CentroResponse to E-N article exposing Centro embezzlement [Webner] introduces endemic corruption concept among our bureaucracies
1/1/18 "Causes and Effects of Corruption" versus corruption among our bureaucracies
1/8/18McManus / SAPD Smuggled aliens were caught and released by Police Chief McManus, a corrupt, political act E–N January 3, 2018 [Baugh]
1/11/18McManus / SAPD Texas Asst. A.G. Doty intervenes, requiring SA officials to "preserve all relevant materials" pending investigation of the McManus incident.Houston Public Media
1/15/18McManus / SAPD How corrupt have our bureaucracies become if our Police Chief endorses the Mayor's politics, rather than our State/federal laws?  Responding to E-N [January 18, 2018 JBaugh],
1/19/18Centro $ 291,000 Centro embezzlement focus neglects the $ 2.51 Billion cover-up of CPS' understated 'smart'-Grid project laws?  E-N [Januaary 18, 2018 JBaugh]Nov. 6 - Sheryl Sculley Fired by Voters
1/22/18CFO Gorzell Email to Asst AG Doty:  Request to review city CFO Gorzell's non-response to Open Records Request for interest/issuance cost, a $ 456 Million add-on-to city's "$ 850 million" Bond program  Link to Texas Public Information ActNov. 6 - Sheryl Sculley Fired by Voters
1/25/18City Council / SculleySculley rewarded with bonus despite/because of subordinate corruption?  E-N [January 24, 2018 JBaugh]Nov. 6 - Sheryl Sculley Fired by Voters
1/26/18SA HousingE-N January 25, 2018 [ Webner} article surfaced corruptible San Antonio Housing Trust Public Facility Corp. teaming with national developer NRP Group to build local apartment buildings.
1/31/18Center CityE-N January 30, 2018 [Webner]surfaces "incentive package: $ 173,400 per condo," corruption at Center City Development and Operations Department, another city bureaucracy.
2/5/18COSA SculleySummary of alleged corrupton among city bureaucracies and evidence for each.  "Who's watching the watchers?"Nov. 6 - Sheryl Sculley Fired by Voters
2/6/18COSA SculleyAudit & Accountability Committee failed mission to use direct-report City Auditor Barthold to "facilitate government accountability to the Citizens of San Antonio .. "Nov. 6 - Sheryl Sculley Fired by Voters
2/8/182017 BondE-N reviews city sale of 10 acres to local non-profit, prompting exposure of property pooh-bahs.  OneSA donors fund lobbying of voters to approve City Bond.
2/12/18SAWS Vista RidgePuente's Feb. 9 Vista Ridge Council review - Vista Ridge cannot guarantee its water supply.Vista Ridge Video  
2/19/18SAWS Vista RidgeThe SAWS Vista Ridge "contract" lacks three elements required of a contract.  A valid VR contract may not exist.
2/24/18UrestiPay Attention Council:  Carlos Uresti convicted !  "If you commit fraud, you are going to be held accountable."CONVICTION E–N February 23, 2018 [Danner & Guillermo]
2/28/18CentroE–N February 25, 2018 [Webner]"Taxpayers picked up Centro tabs" reveals unlawful use of public funds to advoate for city Bond;  CFO Gorzell illegally refused to reveal Bond's interest/issuance costs.  Election Fraud?  Continued at Revelation # 20.
3/2/18VIA Concluding Revelation #19; Exposes corrupt Judge Wolff VIA money laundering; unmanageable Centro organization structure imposed by Wolff/Castro; public-private partnership structure abets corruption, introducing criminality.
3/12/18NirenbergMayor Nirenberg tells fire union to end its games, Express–News, March 8, 2018, by Investigative Reporter Josh Baugh
4/09/18SculleyAAA Bond Debt Rating - SAMBA Letter to Bond Rating AgenciesNov. 6 - Sheryl Sculley Fired by Voters
4/16/18CPSCPS Grid - Who is Protecting Us?  Russian Hackers Attacking US Power Grid and Aviation, FBI Warns Bloomberg@
4/23/18COSA SculleyCouncil's Technolgocial TyrannyNov. 6 - Sheryl Sculley Fired by Voters
5/15/18COSA SculleyCharter Violation - Scofflaw GovernanceNov. 6 - Sheryl Sculley Fired by Voters
5/25/18CFO GorzellCorruptions Legal Hatchet
6/18/18CPSCPS $530 Million Bond Issue Smart Grid Projections Contrasted (CPS vs. SAMBA)
6/21/18SAWSCOSA's Gorzell and SAWS Evanson Fraud by Omission
6/25/18City AttorneyCharter Review Commission Aberration Austin Charter Review Commission Email to City Councilmembers
7/6/18CFO GorzellSupervisor of Public Utilities - an Oxymoron Nov. 6 - Sheryl Sculley Fired by Voters
7/18/18SAHASan Antonio Housing Authority Bureaucracy Email
8/02/18MayorNirenberg Violated Ethics Code and State Law  Email
08/28/18SculleyEconomic Impacts of Firefighter Charter AmendmentsNov. 6 - Sheryl Sculley Fired by Voters
9/06/18SculleyAAA Debt Rating  Email  Christian Archer Northeast Neighborhood Alliance Meeting  Exhibit A  Exhibit B  Exhibit CNov. 6 - Sheryl Sculley Fired by Voters
11/03/18SSAFSSAF [Secure San Antonio's Future] Contributors Benefits  Email  ATT: Table Nov. 6 - Sheryl Sculley Fired by Voters
11/12/18SculleySheryl Sculley  [Political, Criminal, and Managerial Failures]  EmailNov. 6 - Sheryl Sculley Fired by Voters
11/28/18Sculley AAASEC Inquiry about Sculley's AAA Bond Rating Threats/FAKE News  Email  E-N Baugh report on Fitch Rating Nov. 6 - Sheryl Sculley Fired by Voters
12/05/18SculleySheryl Sculley 'Retirement' Council MUST Manage the Manager  Email Nov. 6 - Sheryl Sculley Fired by Voters
12/13/18COSANirenberg-Segovia City Manager Compensation Deception
01/14/19CPSCPS Energy Closer to Rate Increase  Email  E-N Druzin Article  CPS Energy Quarterly Report
01/15/19SculleySheryl Sculley Replacement  Email  Nov. 6 - Sheryl Sculley Fired by Voters

Corruption, Fraud, Lies and Bureaucracies

The following terms are used in the Revelations about local municipal government and bureaucracies.
We welcome your comments !
Corruption is the exploitation of the many by the politically powerful for the benefit of the few, obscuring financial reality by using bureaucratic power to avoid transparency and accountability.
The elements of a Fraud:
  1. a material representation was made
  2. the representation was false
  3. when the representation was made, the speaker knew it was false or made it recklessly without any knowledge of the truth and as a positive assertion
  4. the speaker made the representation with the intent that the other party should act on it;
  5. the party acted in reliance on the representation
  6. and, the party thereby suffered injury.
  1. to speak falsely or utter untruth knowingly, as with intent to deceive
  2. to express what is false; convey a false impression

“Of all forms of government, those administered by bureaus are about the least satisfactory to an enlightened and progressive people. Being irresponsible, they become autocratic, and being autocratic they resist all development.  Unless bureaucracy is constantly resisted it breaks down representative government and overwhelms democracy.  It is the one element in our institutions that sets up the pretense of having authority over everybody and being responsible to nobody.”

-President Calvin Coolidge, 1926

AAA Debt Rating Fraud & Corruption
The Tail (Insiders and Sculley)
Wagging the Dog (the City)!

SSAF PAC Report 07/15/18
SSAF PAC Report 10/10/18

USAA $ 300,000.00
Valero $ 300,000.00
Gordon Hartman $ 100,000.00
Hartman PAC claims Moody's will downgrade AAA rating
if Props A, B, and C pass

Au contraire: The truth can be found here: Moody's July 24, 2018 report

Factors that could lead to a downgrade
[ Props A, B, C - NOT a factor ! ]
  1. Negative trends in operating performance
  2. Weakened economic profile; contraction in assessed valuation
  3. Growth in unfunded pension liability resulting in budgetary pressure
  4. Increasing debt levels absent corresponding taxable value growth
NO Moody's Alert Letter !
VOTE NO Campaign "the sky is falling" campaign - a LIE !

Christian Archer claims Moody's sent "Alert Letter" a week prior to NNA Meeting !

Click here: Entire Archer Presentation
Click here: Transcript - Northeast Neighborhood Alliance 7/16/18
Archer's Claims were FALSE - See the following Open Records Requests :

COSA City of San Antonio

CPS City Public Service

SAWS San Antonio Water System

Analysis of Unedited Archer claims will be uploaded soon - Check back !
Moody's Conflict of Interest Click here: Business Insider@ Article
Moody"s Analyst Breaks Silence:
Says Ratings Agency Rotten to Core With Conflicts

Local Fraud and Corruption in Bond Ratings:
  1. Bond rating agencies are paid by the Issuer / the City
  2. Bond Rating Agencies collaborate on reports with the city

Did you know that San Antonio paid the bond rating agencies $ 269,200 in 2017 !
Click here for Proof
and that is JUST The city .. what are ratepayers paying for CPS and SAWS ?

"Investors are also concerned about a possible conflict of interest between the rating agencies and the bond issuers, since the issuers pay the agencies for the service of providing ratings. Because of these and other shortcomings, ratings should not be the only factor investors rely on when assessing the risk of a particular bond investment."
- Investopedia

12/7/17 Concerned Citizens:  SAWS Rate Hikes [Click to Watch]


Question for Council:

Will you serve the people who elected you, or the bureaucracies that manipulate you?
Click to Open
DateBureacracy/IssueProgress Made
12/12/17 SAWS/city staff financial manipulation accompanying SAWS 2-year rate increase – E-N article 12⁄7⁄17. 3/7/18 - CEO Puente declined $ 96,700 bonus offered by SAWS Board
12/18/17 SAWS' violation of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act and 10 yr delay to respond to an EPA Consent Decree resulting in $ 2.6 million civil penalty on Puente/Gorzell/Sculley watch
1/1/18 "Causes and Effects of Corruption" versus corruption among our bureaucracies
2/12/18Puente's Feb. 9 Vista Ridge Council review - Vista Ridge cannot guarantee its water supply.Vista Ridge Video  
2/19/18The SAWS Vista Ridge "contract" lacks three elements required of a contract.  A valid VR contract may not exist.

We Reviewed the Charter and Municipal Code here is what we found:

Click Here: Charter Review Commission Illegally Constituted

Mayor Ivy Taylor Charter Review Commission Meetings - Video Links

6/14/17    6/07/17    5/24/17

Call to Action: Email your Councilperson
Nirenberg and all city Counclmembers took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States.  Our Bill of Rights, in the First Amendment, promises that "Congress shall make no law ... abridging ... the right of the people ... to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."  And yet, Nirenberg has chosen to use his office as a bully pulpit to aggressively target the Firefighters for exercising their First Amendment right, has vowed to enlist other members of council and has engaged "special interests" to "abridge .. the right of the people."

Please email your councilperson and ask that they oppose the Mayors' negative campaign which seeks to oppress an open and fair debate on the 3 Charter Amendments submitted by the SAPFFA.  This is about your right to decide in November.
District 1
Robert Trevino  District 1
Email: Robert Trevino
District 2
William Cruz Shaw District 2
Email: William 'Cruz' Shaw
District 3
Rebecca Viagran  District 3
Email: Rebecca Viagran
District 4
Rey Saldana District 4
Email: Rey Saldana
District 5
Shirley Gonzales District 5
Email: Shirley Gonzales
District 6
Greg Brockhouse District 6
Email: Greg Brockhouse
District 7
Ana Sandoval District 7
Email: Ana Sandoval
District 8
Manny Pelaez District 8
Email: Manny Pelaez
District 9
John Courage District 9
Email: John Courage
District 10
Clayton Perry District 10
Email: Clayton Perry

@SAMBA 2018     Email Stanley Mitchell - "The Numbers Guy"